Friday, March 23, 2012

Jason Smith's hard foul on Blake Griffin. (Explict content)

If haven't seen this already then you are missing out for sure. I personally loved this hard foul, it reminded of the good ol' days of the L, when if you came into the lane you're gonna get knocked on your ass. I love how Blake acted like he just got hit by a semi truck, quit acting like a bitch. If you're gonna fucking showboat the way the Clips & Blake you better be prepared to get knocked on your ass a few times. The Clippers announcers are some serious homers just an FYI & it shows in this video. They made the foul seem sooooooooooo much worse than it was. I can personally GUARANTEE that if this wasn't Blake or one of the teams the NBA shows "favoritism" towards, there wouldn't have been an ejection. And it probably would have just been an personal foul not flagrant at all,. I'm sorry but my beloved NBA has gone soft. And all of y'all clowns who are crying over excessiveness of the foul go do a youtube search of Kevin McHale clotheslining Kurt Rambis in the 84 Finals or go watch a Pistons game from the 'Bad Boy Pistons' era. And just for the record I'm not saying I ever want to see anyone get hurt, all I'm saying is if you go into the paint/lane you should expect to get knocked on your ass.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The End Is Nearly Here. :'(

For one of my favorite television shows and my favorite non-animated TV show, this week's episode(s) marks the end of the series. The show I am talking about is Chuck which stars Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski among others. This Friday (January 27th) marks the end of the series.  It was a fantastic series IMO. It had characters you could relate to and quite nerdy (which works for me lol). It doesn't quite have the appeal of other shows to the masses due to its nerdiness. It has had a strong fan base over the last 5 years, but never had the number of viewers NBC wanted but yet managed to stay on the air for 5 seasons, partially due to lack of promotion from NBC imho. I'm (kinda) disappointed that NBC only gave chuck a half season (13 episodes) for the final season instead of the normal 20-26 episodes for a full season. Eventhough it is only a television show, Friday will be an emotional day for me since I got hooked on this show about 3 years ago and loved just about every episode, and can relate with the Chuck character & Morgan Grimes character to a certain degree. I still feel that it has a two good season left in its life, and I'm hopeful (but not optimistic) that another network could pick it up after the finale. I think I've done enough blabbering for now (lol).

Don't forget to tune your televisions on Friday to NBC at 8 pm (eastern) for the finale.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Twenty Twelve.

Time to air some stuff out & get it off my chest. The last 2 years mentally & emotionally have been a living fucking hell for me. But it's time for a new beginning, to stop dwelling on the past, just live for today & the future. And stop with the what ifs. I got some resolutions for the year as well. First of all get myself completely out of debt and lose about 35-45 pounds.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NBA 2K Wishlist (My Player)

What I would like to see for 2K13 in the My Player mode.

My Player-specific commentary: The broadcast crew hardly mentions your My Player at all. It would be nice if they can talk about him just a bit; I’m working hard and I just want some recognition *sniff*. Maybe some general status commentary, like how he is doing his rookie year, what he can do to crack the starting lineup, if he is one of the best bench players in the league, if he should have been taken higher or lower in the draft, etc. If he is having a career game, mention how the rookie is growing up in front of their eyes and stuff like that. Then when he is more established, how he has improved, can he make the Allstar team, what he can do better, etc. Then when he is one of the best in the league, talk about him like they talk about some other Allstars. Also mention him among the league leaders in certain stats when that graphic comes up. Little comments like that will make the My Player really feel like he exists in the NBA instead of just a created thing.

I should be able to customize the voice of your My Player. 

   - Customize the Pitch, Tone & Accent (NYC, Southern, Surfer, International, etc.)

Voice could be used for: 

  - On the court chatter

  - Press conferences

I should be allowed to choose what my secondary position is.

And get rid of that stupid nickname option. Most of those nicknames suck anyways.

And my player shouldn't be being interviewed after every game when I'm only get 10 mins a game as a rookie. Better & more interview questions need to be added, and get rid of the "ya feel Me" comments.

And be able to choose what kind of personality your player has, are they a team player like Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki or are they arrogant asshole like LBJ or do they want to win no matter what like Mike & Sir Chuck.

And your My Player should get traded without you asking for a trade. Rookies & young players on contenders get traded in real life make this happen 2K.

And instead of just having that rookie showcase game, have like "March Madness" games prior to the showcase game like NCAA does with their Campus Legend mode. And have 2 more showcase games. 

I don't how it was in 2K11, but in 2K12 I was drafted with 14th overall pick but Houston still had their "real" 14th overall pick on the roster. Smh.

And I wish they wouldn't have the exact draft as it was. Have teams draft on what they did in the "March Madness" tourney & the showcase games.

And fix the effing trade logic. I don't want to see Durant being traded away from OKC. Or D-Rose traded away from the Bulls. Or the big 3 in Miami being split up. Or Dallas trading Dirk.

And have some kind of generic story (that you choose) behind your My Player that the commentators talk about during the game.

You should get bonus money for major accomplishments:

   - Endorsments

   - Breaking a record

   - Making an all-star team

   - Being player of the month and/or week

   - Being on a playoff team

   - Making it to the NBA Finals

   - Winning the NBA Finals

Have different career choices:

  - Choose your sponsor like And 1, Reebok, Nike, Converse or Jordan.

   - Have more than just shoe sponsorships.

  - Have off the-court decisions you have to make.

  - Have the option to be able to hold out in order to get a new higher paying contract, but only certain teams will give in to your demands while others will just trade you and others will just let you continue your holdout and not budge.

  - Become "friends" with other players across the league and when you & your "friends" become free agents, you are more willing to sign with the same teams (ie LBJ, D-Wade & Bosh) but the option is all up to you if that's something you want to do.

  - Add a smart phone feature where you receive emails, calls & texts from coaches, agents, players across the league, owners, etc. and you can reply to the emails, texts & calls.

  - Make it harder to get playing time. For example, if I'm on Celtics I shouldn't be taking time away from a player like Brandon Bass or Jeff Green if they are better than me.

  - If My Player becomes the best player on the team aka highest rated player on the team, the commentary should be centered around me.

Have an option where you enter in a hometown in for your player & when you go play a team close to your hometown the commentators make a big deal about it. And in free agency your "hometown" is more willing to pay you more money to come play for them.

Better customization options. Tattoos, shoes, accessories, etc.

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