Friday, March 23, 2012

Jason Smith's hard foul on Blake Griffin. (Explict content)

If haven't seen this already then you are missing out for sure. I personally loved this hard foul, it reminded of the good ol' days of the L, when if you came into the lane you're gonna get knocked on your ass. I love how Blake acted like he just got hit by a semi truck, quit acting like a bitch. If you're gonna fucking showboat the way the Clips & Blake you better be prepared to get knocked on your ass a few times. The Clippers announcers are some serious homers just an FYI & it shows in this video. They made the foul seem sooooooooooo much worse than it was. I can personally GUARANTEE that if this wasn't Blake or one of the teams the NBA shows "favoritism" towards, there wouldn't have been an ejection. And it probably would have just been an personal foul not flagrant at all,. I'm sorry but my beloved NBA has gone soft. And all of y'all clowns who are crying over excessiveness of the foul go do a youtube search of Kevin McHale clotheslining Kurt Rambis in the 84 Finals or go watch a Pistons game from the 'Bad Boy Pistons' era. And just for the record I'm not saying I ever want to see anyone get hurt, all I'm saying is if you go into the paint/lane you should expect to get knocked on your ass.

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